Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to work in prep sports

Well, it has been a long hot summer thus far and I regret the lack of blog posts. Truth is I have been battling a lot of personal demons and trying to fix family problems, but somehow I am still standing and looking forward to what promises to be a very busy time in my life.

My car has been running sluggish so I took it in to the mechanic only to find out I had to overhaul the entire break system (pads, rotor, drums) and the tires had worn out, down to 10 percent, so I had to change all 4 of them. The joys of driving a used car kids. Set me back nearly $700 parts and labor!

I am on my way to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune newsroom to pick up my CIF pass for fall 2012. Even though I start classes at Fullerton in less than 2 weeks, and am moving into the area to be close to school starting this weekend, I can still drive back on weekends to visit the parents and family and to cover prep games.

Week zero is just around the corner and I have written a football preview of Baldwin Park and Sierra Vista HS for Tomorrow I am heading over to the field to take some snapshots of their scrimmage to go along with my story.

I am still struggling with trying to write more creatively and with trying to come up with a writing schedule and regiment in order to produce some literary work, but truth be told when it has been so hot in the valley, all I ever want to do is sit in front of my fan or escape to the local coffee joint to read the paper, sip some lattes and/or partake of the A.C. So what of my summer bucket list I formulated around early June? How faithful was I to my goals/wants/plans? Glad you asked:

  • movies- saw a few blockbusters, the Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Ted (yea I know it was funny)
  •  photography-I'd say 50/50 would have lot to have been further along by now, but I made quite a number of prints at the summer program @Tri Community and I also got more familiar with Adobe Light room.
  • One trip to SD/Vegas/Portland- Comic con doesn't count, it was way too short, and most of these fell through because of the car situation and other financial demands. (books for school etc)  Stupid car problems!
  • study chess: Every time I crack a book open to study I get sidetracked by wanting to play an mmo, so I go play DAoC or DDO. At least I got to hang out last weekend and play all day with my Citrus buds.
  • 3 months to mmorpg: still mmorpging, but I want to try to level up my mage again, wow is so time consuming, I won't have time to raid once school starts up 
  •  beach and other miscellaneous fun: haven't been out to the beach once. Gas is pretty steep, but now that I will be in Fullerton, it's at least a bit closer.
  • local freelancing assignments and internship: Calwatchdog allowed me to do the story I wanted to write, and working on one more before the season ends.  I would say didn't work out quite as planned, especially this month because the Patch freelancing budget isn't what it once was, which is why I am glad:
    football is back!

I am looking forward to the fall season and to settling into completing my masters. I will also be brushing up on some skills I did not get to work on as an undergrad at the local JC such as video editing and page design, if all goes as planned. May the force be with me!!

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