Sunday, June 09, 2013

Santa Ana Register is Born

I am sorry that this blog has seen the light of day for so long without any updates. I figured that grad school would keep me really busy and I was right. Thus far it has been a successful academic endeavor as I managed to pull straight A's for the second semester in a row.

The Tiger and I have been very busy as my venture into CSUF has also allowed me the opportunity to take a summer internship at the Orange County Register.

My first week as an intern was very pleasant, after meeting with the internship coordinator and taking a tour of the newsroom, I was given my badge to get in and out of the building and parking structure and was whisked away into a room with other reporters working on various assignments.

I cannot possibly express with words how elated I felt to be working at a professional newsroom once again! The thrill of deadline, the hustle and bustle of the workflow and reporters going to and fro.

On the second day I met with members of the Excelsior staff who are working in tandem with the Santa Ana Register staffers in producing content. Excelsior is the Spanish language weekly the Register produces and publishes every Friday.  The Santa Ana Register is the weekly supplement to the main OC Register which covers Santa Ana. It debuted last week and is out on Thursdays. I am already working on 3 stories for the next edition.

The first edition of the S.A.R. featured a great story by reporter Alejandra Molina detailing a youth forum held recently in which city officials were asked why the city earmarks so much of its money for the S.A.Police Department. According to the article, City Council members Vincent Sarmiento and Roman Reyna participated, along with director of finance Francisco Gutierrez and assistant director Robert Cortez.
Cortez said the city is looking into what it could do with the jail because it's not generating any revenue. This was in response to inquiries over the city's contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to house immigrant detainees at the city jail.

If I wasn't just an intern I would have jumped all over this story!! Alas there is another Register reporter working on it.

I was driving back from one of the local high schools where Target donated money to renovate the library as part of a national program and as I drove down the hot streets, I realized me and the Tiger would have to traverse the streets of this Southern California city on many occasions to come.