Saturday, September 29, 2012

Northview 20-10 over host Pomona High

Does wealth and power or influence really make a big difference in society? I am not sure about the others, but it sure is nice to have the resources, so I am amazed how a little school like Pomona High School can still exist with the likes of more affluent programs in Diamond Bar and bigger districts.

Yesterday, as is my Friday M.O., I made my way to cover a prep football game for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. It wasn't even a full write up, but one of our football capsules to let the readers know what went on with that particular school. Upon arrival, I noticed how different things were at PHS than at those other Orange County venues, for one thing there is no press box. Some districts have put more money and resources into their Athletic Departments, but I guess some other schools put the funding elsewhere.

This is not a knock against Pomona though, I just observed that they perhaps are not used to getting a lot of media coverage. The lady at the gate had to check with a coach before letting me in with my CIF press pass. Then during the game, I covered things from the vantage view of the sidelines, something I mostly only do in the 4th quarter and if there is no box. It was a great game, if not a competitive one, as Pomona tried to get back into it late. (Northview prevailed 20-10.)

Yet, it's way more fun to be down in the field than up in a stuffy press box because you get the pulse of the game, how the players are feeling, and how the coaches are reacting. You truly get an inside look at the schools and their players. Bonus, in the end I don't have to race down in the final minute to get past security to the field to interview the winning coach and players.

Even in digital age, it amazes me how mainstream media still clings to some old and less efficient ways of getting the job done. For example, at the Tribune, sports writers and correspondents are expected to call in scores quarter by quarter and to call in the final score of the game, so they can update the scoreboard on the website. However, I also tweet the final score of the game and halftime, because I know that even though I don't have a large audience hanging by my updates, (It's not like I am ESPN or some big name covering the NCAA) there are still some die hards that appreciate the information.

I tried calling in the final score of games the last few weeks, but it's a hit and miss, sometimes the phone lines get clogged up and we are expected to keep calling back. In the age of instant information, this process to me seems dated and unnecessary, especially if there are disconnects like we have had the last 3 weeks. If any editors are per chance reading this, if you are waiting on a final score, jump on twitter and check our tweets, chances are that some of us have posted them there.

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