Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will there by any time left to write??

...That is the one question that I have been pondering this AM. Last night I got through one of the three articles I have been working on for patch and for In fact, I made progress by completing one for Baldwin Park   and reaching sources and doing a lot of the research for one of the other two. It feels so good to complete one, like taking a big sledgehammer to a block of ice and smashing it out of the way.

This summer thus far has been a hectic whirlwind of activity, and it seems as I barely have taken a breather from working at Mt. SAC last fall, transitioning into a short-term assignment at the P.R. office at Citrus, to summer and into fall. Ever since I found out a few days ago that I had been admitted for grad school at CSU Fullerton, I have been running around making preparations, and now I have about a month's time to find a place to stay before I am immersed in academics again, becoming a semi professional student.

A week ago, I dropped everything and headed out with my brother to San Diego for a couple of days of sun and relaxation at the SDCC. I have an artist friend who was exhibiting at the convention, and he was able to get us professional passes for the con, but really before that little jaunt I had not even left the SGV for months, probably since my sister's wedding in Arizona.

I say all this because I am anticipating taking a short vacation, probably once July is mercifully over and I have secured my living arrangements at Fullerton for the fall. Orientation looms near, so it would sure be nice to take a breather before that new and exciting phase of my life begins! I am beyond excited over becoming at Titan and finally getting on with my educational career.

So what of writing? It was on my summer bucket list to actually take a few hours a day and come up with some creative writing project in addition to blogging regularly again, but photography has taken a more prominent role, not that I have even shot a whole lot, with the exception of a few assignments including a 4th of July celebration, but I have taken some courses, trying to get proficient at Adobe Lightroom and learning to use my Canon.

I know soon enough summer 2012 will be in the metaphorical rear view mirror, and I will be left with a lot of papers to write, projects and research, and frankly I am concurrently elated and scared to death. LOL. May the force be with me!

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