Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cue in the Rocky theme song

Through no fault of my own, I am mostly left to complete this latest edition of TWN virtually without any extra help.

When I was in college at Mt. San Antonio in Walnut CA, I will never forget how my good friend at the time, page and layout designer extraordinaire James Choy would psyche himself when he felt tired or every time we were up against the tight deadlines by playing "Eye of the Tiger" or the Rocky theme song for that 11th hour stretch of work or for that extra burst of needed inspiration.

You know what? I never thought that would stick in my mind, but it's those types of moments that really stick out from person's background  and you remember them when it's least expected, or when you most need to reflect on them I suppose.

Just today I have completed two news stories, including a 35 inch budget piece, prepared a brief history retrospective, an opinion piece and I am getting ready to complete a movie review for my entertainment page. Oh and then there's the police log.

It would not be appropriate to discuss in a public thread on my blog the circumstances why I am a reporter short this week, suffice it to say I won't talk about any H.R. issues or specifics, but at least some relief is on the way.

The freelancer budget has been increased and I can assign my freelancers (I really only have two, one main one doing some soft pieces and profiles and one specializing in sports) a few more assignments to get me through. Although it is still me doing the bulk of the work, including updating our website.

I am getting ready to plan out the rest of the content and to look for some region and state stories to round out Friday's edition. Was it Billy Ocean that sang that old tune, "When the going gets tough...?" You know the rest. I am not going to lie, the going's been VERY rough of late, and although I wish I had a lot more help, at least I remember back on the old days.

I swear I can still see good 'ole James Choy gearing up and psyching himself up for another round.

Cue up "Eye of the Tiger"

P.S. I just looked at this image carefully, WTH? Why is this boxer dude wearing a suit with his gloves? Or am I just that tired. LOL

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