Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy productive 2012 to all

Hey what do you know! I am updating finally! It's been a hectic year and even though we're almost a week into the new year, I haven't had much free time to start working on the various projects that I want to complete before 2012 is gone like 2011.

Even more astonishing is I am done with my freelance assignments for the week, so I got a glorious weekend all to myself! Delightful!

My resolutions for the new year include doing a lot of the things I enjoy doing but I haven't made time for like playing chess, reading and writing and completing my novels.

I wrote close to 125 articles in calendar year 2011, so it was a busy time for me, though I don't know if that is a typical output for a weekly reporter, I suspect most write even more.

I have three web projects that I have programmed for this year and I will be updating this blog occasionally with the progress for each one, as much as life and time permits.

The digital divide between mainstream media and digital media continues to expand and the development of what is known as the "fifth estate" is still an ongoing process.

It's concurrently exciting and scary to be at the forefront.

Stay tuned as they say.

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